Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to The Museumologist

If you're like most people, lately you've been wondering, "What is this Museumologist thing I've been hearing so much about?" Well, friend, you've come to the right place. Because THIS is The Museumologist.

Ashmolean Museum
by Merlin Cooper
Now you're probably asking yourself, "What can I expect from The Museumologist in the coming weeks and months?"

Oh boy, are you in for a treat! This blog is the world's only* virtual tour of the finest quirky museums on the planet.

"That sounds great. But what sorts of quirky museums can I expect to visit while on this tour?" you ask.

Well, do you like mustard? There's a museum for that. Have you always wondered about the history of hammers and other pounding tools? There's a museum for that. Do you lie awake at night wishing there was a place you could visit to learn more about funeral customs through the ages? There was a museum for that, but sadly it passed away. Which means The Museumologist is your only option. Yeah, now you get it.

"Okay," you agree, "I'll buy it. When I want to see an entire wall made of cans of SPAM or read cleverly worded descriptions of books made from human leather, I'll turn to The Museumologist. But what, exactly, are The Museumologist's criteria for inclusion in the pantheon of quirky museums?"

In a word: none. Expect to see museums that span the range of museumicity, from mainstream natural history museums with dioramas of extinct animals to "creation science" museums featuring scale models of Noah's Ark. From fine art to farm implements. From creepy dolls to cops. The Museumologist has it all. And sometimes, the posts won't even be about museums in the traditional sense. Maybe it will be a botanical garden with a great cactus collection. Maybe it will be a sanctuary that takes in abused farm animals. Maybe it will just be a glimpse into the life of The Museumologist....

Enjoy the tour. The gift shop has a great selection of keychains.

*This statement has not been verified.

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